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Launch of the E-Learning Platform

by Ruyonga Daniel -

Welcome to UIBFS E-Learning Platform

UIBFS e-Learning Platform is here to facilitate both blended and Online teaching and Learning at Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services. to be able to effectively utilize the platform student will need the following skillsets: 

  • Personal skills for active learning which involve taking responsibility for your own learning, being highly motivated with your studies and self-discipline. 
  •  Literacy skills in reading and writing which a keen student can develop or seek support for from colleagues and other means. 
  •  Study skills like time management, motivation, effective and timely communication, being clear of expectations and exam preparation. 
  •  General computer skills even at a basic level of proficiency in applications like word processing, file management, saving and printing. 
  • Internet skills like the ability to go to web addresses or URLs, saving and printing web pages and web searching. 
  •  Collaboration with other students and your lecturers through online discussion forums, study groups, email and other social media which enhances active learning and knowledge creation and dissemination. (Source: Charles Sturt University)
Why students should use the platform

  •  Easy access of course materials, anywhere, anytime as long you have an internet connection 
  •  Collaboration with other students and your tutors through participation in any discussion forums on selected topics  Sharing any interesting course related information with other students outside the classroom setting 
  •  Review of previous information available on the platform 
  •  Use of chatrooms and Messaging services on the platform 
  •  Turn in given assignments to the lecturer via platform 
  •  Easily take any online tests/quizzes given by the lecturer 
  •  View grades for any online tests or assignments you have taken How do I get started with e-learning platform? Before you can log in to e-learning platform, a user account or account details (Username and Password) that give you valid access into the platform. 

(Edited by Olupot Charles - original submission Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 9:47 AM)