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  • Corporate

    Recurring Subscription:Yes

    Corporate Membership comprises of banks/ financial Institutions that are registered and carrying on banking / financial services business in Uganda and or any other financial/credit institution that shall have fulfilled membership requirements as shall be prescribed by the Board from time to time.

  • Honorary Fellows (FUIB, Hon)

    Recurring Subscription:Yes

    Honorary Fellows are persons of distinction in the practice or literature of banking, mercantile law, economics or kindred subjects and who on application, or nomination by at least two or more Fellows shall have been accepted by the UIBFS Board as fit and proper persons on the basis of their learning and contribution in the field of banking and credit institution management and additionally on the basis of character and public bearing, and shall have been elected by the Council to the rank of Honorary Fellow of the Institute.

  • Fellows (FUIB)

    Recurring Subscription: Yes

    Fellows are elected by the Board from among the Associates upon nomination by at least two Fellows of the Institute who shall certify in writing that the nominee is a fit and proper person to be considered and elected a Fellow. Other conditions include: Distinguished work for the local financial services industry; such distinguished work must be traceable / identifiable e.g. the introduction of a new and useful product, He / she should be at a Managerial Level or Head of Function and in possession of at least 10 years experience in the banking /financial services industry.

  • Associateship (AUIB)

    Recurring Subscription: Yes

    Associates are individuals elected by the Board and who have passed the Diploma in Banking examinations a.k.a Certified Professional Banker (CPB) or Chartered Banker or obtained such other professional qualifications of the Institute or of any other recognized Banking Institute as the Board may from time to time prescribe or approve. Such individuals shall also possess at least three years proven banking and or financial services working experience obtained prior to or after the attainment of the Diploma in Banking / Certified Professional Banker or Chartered Banker qualification.

  • Ordinary

    Recurring Subscription: Yes

    Ordinary Members shall be such Student Members as shall on ceasing to be students automatically become Ordinary Members upon fulfillment of requirements as prescribed by the Board from time to time And or: Such persons as shall be elected by the Board from the staff of any Corporate Member’s establishment or from persons in other relevant employment who have met such other requirements as the Board may determine from time to time.

  • Student

    Recurring Subscription: No

    This category shall comprise all registered students of the Institute, who shall be automatically conferred that status upon registration and fulfillment of student requirements as specified by the Board from time to time.

  • Life members

    10 Year Subscription:

    Life Members shall be such members of the Institute as shall be admitted to that status by the Board in accordance with the bye-laws of the Institute. These will be Fellows and or Associates upon payment in advance of the equivalent of 10 years annual subscription.