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Launch of the E-Learning Platform
by Ruyonga Daniel - Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 11:39 AM

Welcome to UIBFS E-Learning Platform

UIBFS e-Learning Platform is here to facilitate both blended and Online teaching and Learning at Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services. to be able to effectively utilize the platform student will need the following skillsets: 

  • Personal skills for ...
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Available courses

Introduces and equips students with skills, knowledge in information technology in Banking Industry; Data security, control and virus threats in Banking Industry; Information systems in Banking Industry; effect of e-Commerce to the banking industry; electronic spreadsheets in the banking industry; data communication systems in the banking industry; software development industry and their impact in banking business banking business; processing and storage in the banking industry.

Introduces and equips students with skills, knowledge and appreciation of the various law relating to banking; land law, law of business; the court system; law of contract, breach of contractual obligations by bank customers; law of torts relevant to bankers; bankers customers relationship; types of account and opening of accounts by bankers customers; law of negotiable bank instruments and cheques; endorsement, collection and paying cheques and security of loans.

Introduces and equips students with skills, knowledge in relating to application of principles used in marketing of financial services; core marketing concepts, processes, approaches and techniques and how they are applied to satisfy a bank customer needs and generate bank customer satisfaction; ethical issues and principles in the marketing of financial services; the nature and challenges posed by the competitive environment in banks.

This course is recommended for new entrants into banking, existing bankers who have never attended a basis banking course and anyone who wants to appreciate the fundamentals of Banking. The Objective of the course is to equip online learners with a comprehensive introduction to banking knowledge.


This course is designed to:

o   Provide an understanding of the different types of risks, the market and the regulatory environment; and modern portfolio approach to measuring and managing Credit risk;

o   Measure credit risk of credit portfolios using major industry-sponsored approaches

o   Appreciate the rationale behind credit rating and credit scoring

o   Develop the ability to implement ex-ante and ex-post risk mitigation measures

For Any Assistance regarding this training please contact;

Derrick Lubega I T Executive

tel: +256 701 782 931 OR +256 784 069 456


Geofrey MUkasa Training and Partnership Executive 

tel: +256 0705 254 012


Dear Participant you are welcome for this online short skilled program on Supervisory Skills.

The training will take two weeks from today 31st/08/2020 up to 11th/09/2020.

Week one will be self study week two we shall have face-to-face online with the facilitators.

There will be an assessment as well in the second week.

The content has been uploaded on the platform. Kindly feel free to go through it.

Note: A registration form is also uploaded. kindly print and fill it in and send it to


For any platform challenges contact Mr. Derrick Lubega through;


tel: +256701782931